Message From Founder

Dear Parents & Students,

'Every moment in life brings new possibilities and opportunities of success and the boundless joy is compounded when we are about to realize our goal.'

The meticulously nurtured learning environment in Nehru Inter College is stress free and fear free. It enables and encourages new ideas to flourish. Students are encouraged to persist in their quest for learning and acquire the requisite skills to excel in our information driven globalised world.

Our techniques are learner centric, project based and cater for the holistic development of multiple intelligences. Besides this, we also acknowledge and encourage our students to learn in their unique mix of Visual, Auditory, Tactile or Kinesthetic ways. While every student follows the general curriculum, he or she is actively encouraged to develop talents and interests well beyond it.

During their study over here, we help them to develop self confidence, create lasting leaderships and learn the responsibilities and skills necessary to become good citizens besides deriving a set of morals and principles that they can successfully practice for the rest of their lives.